The Team

Reverend Sarai Schnucker Rice: Field Consultant

Rev. Rice is ordained in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  Besides service as a local congregation pastor and as Interim Executive Presbyter in two different states, she has taught Preaching and Old and New Testament in seminary and has directed ecumenical and interfaith non-profit organizations.  She is a fourth-generation Presbyterian Minister of Word and Sacrament.  Rice has been the executive director of the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) since 2008. Rice has program, organization and budget experience as she has helped DMARC respond to its increase of families accessing DMARC’s programs. Rice is also involved in other organizations, such as the Food Access and Health Work Group, Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa Food Policy Council and the Ethics Committee. Sarai has a master’s in Divinity from Yale Divinity School and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Northeast Missouri State University.

Contact Sarai:
Phone: 515-231-3958
Photo Courtesy: DMARC

Brad Bough:

Brad is a member of the Session, chairs the governing documents task force, and was the chairperson of the last pastor nominating committee.
Contact Brad:
Phone: 812-242-9348

Lant Davis:

Lant is the pastor of the church.
Contact Lant:
Phone: 812-232-5049

Alan Harder:

Alan is an elder, is chair of the Communications Commission, is a member of the Technology Team, and was formerly associate pastor of the church.  Alan was also on the Facilitation Team in the Mission Self-Study process. 
Contact Alan:
Phone: 812-877-3819

Al Holder:

Al is a member of the Session and a member of the Worship Commission.
Contact Al:
Phone: 812-234-0291

Connie McLaren:

Connie is the clerk of the Session, is the secretary of the church corporation, is a  member of Church Life/Church Action Commission and was a member of the Visioning Task Force in 2004. Connie was also on the Mission Self-Study Steering Committee and on the Mission Self-Study Committee.
Contact Connie:
Phone: 812-877-3269

Renee Newton:

Renee is a member of the Session, is a member of the Mission Committee, and was a former member of the Reorganization Task Force.
Contact Renee:
Phone: 812-877-2738

Murray Pate:

Murray is a member of the session, is currently the president of the church corporation, and serves on the Interpretation and Support Committee.
Contact Murray:
Phone: 812-298-0050

Joshua Powers:

Josh is the chair of the Mission Committee and a member of the Holypalooza planning committee.
Contact Josh:
Phone: 812-235-6771

Erin Pugh:

Erin is currently serving as a weekly volunteer in the youth program, was a former member of the church youth group, and was a participant in several youth mission trips.
Contact Erin:
Phone: 812-236-6563

Lance Weatherwax:

Lance is a member of the Session, is chair of the Personnel Committee, is a member of the Facilities Commission, and was an on-site owner’s representative during the 2010 church renovations.
Contact Lance:
Phone: 812-894-3603

Beth Whitaker:

Beth is a member of the session, is a member of the Youth Ministry Design Team, and was a former member of Christian Nurture Commission.
Contact Beth:
Phone: 812-234-7018