Terre Haute Ministries

Central Presbyterian Church is a founding member of Terre Haute Ministries, Inc. (THM), a nonprofit membership corporation with approximately forty member churches. Founded in 2008 in response to a request from a former Terre Haute mayor, who challenged local churches of all denominations to cooperate, rather than compete, in meeting the needs of the greater Terre Haute community, THM continues to grow and develop in its mission and outreach.

The very first challenge for THM was responding to local floods in 2009. With a grant from the Presbytery of Ohio Valley, THM was able to recruit its current executive director, Rev. Honnalora Hubbard, and to supply her on “executive loan” to the Wabash Valley Long-Term Recovery Coalition, the body organized to assist the area in flood recovery. Since that time, THM has helped the Terre Haute community coordinate relief efforts near and far, including the recent fire at Garfield Towers, the F4 tornado damage in Henryville, Indiana, and the tornado damage in Moore, Oklahoma.

On an ongoing basis THM seeks to coordinate church responses to everyday needs in Terre Haute. The Salvation Army, which is a THM member, serves as the intake point for receiving and evaluating needs, then posting those needs on a website–Meet the Need–that is available to all THM member churches. Those churches, alone or in partnership with other churches or individuals, can then chose which of the posted needs they want to adopt and address.

From THM’s website:

“THM is a community ministry for the city of Terre Haute, IN. David Bos in his book A Practical Guide to Community Ministry defines community ministry as a “particular way of ministering to society in which congregations of more than one denomination and of a particular locality agree to pool their resources… responding in faith, hope, and love to the neighborhood, town or county that comprises its immediate context.”

THM’s member churches currently include churches from a wide spectrum of Christian tradition–Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, Episcopalian, Missionary Baptist, United Methodist, Pentecostal, Catholic, Christian (DOC), and others.