Strategic Planning Questionnaire

The Strategic Planning Task Force is asking for replies to four statements.  The questions will be highlighted one per week starting on Sunday 9/28/2014 and ending on 10/26/2014.   The committee is happy to receive written replies, which will be prompted by an insert in the worship bulletin; spoken replies, which can be heard by task force members during the fellowship time immediately following a Sunday worship service; or through an online form, which can be accessed through our Online Questionnaire.

The statements/questions are:

  1. Week of 9/28/2014 – 10/5/2014:
    Describe a time when you saw Central Presbyterian Church at its best.
  2. Week of 10/5/2014 – 10/12/2014:
    What brought you to Central Presbyterian? What keeps you here?
  3. Week of  10/12/2014 – 10/19/2014:
    What would you like to see Central Presbyterian accomplish in the next five years?
  4. Week of 10/19/2014 – 10/26/2014:
    What new church emphasis would make you so excited that you would tell others enthusiastically?

Replies made through the Online Questionnaire are anonymous and can be completed anytime from 9/28/2014 through 10/26/2014.


Christ’s Calling

We ask each respondent to pray and consider carefully what they feel Christ is calling his body to accomplish here at Central Presbyterian Church.  The task force will be praying to be receptive and attentive as we listen and read your comments.


Further Queries

The task force will be contacting youth groups and random congregants for follow-up conversations the two weeks following the individual questions, i.e. from 10/26/2014 through 11/9/2014.  During this time all collected responses will be assembled and posted for the congregation to consider.



The task force will use the collected information to suggest planning initiatives for the Session’s consideration.  The responses and their potential outcomes will be discussed at a meeting of the task force including our consultant, Sarai Rice, on Saturday 11/15/2015.   A report for Session is planned by the end of 2014.