McKee Scholarship

The Nancy and Dale McKee Family Scholarship Fund has been established with the Wabash Valley Community Foundation by the sons and daughter of church members Nancy and Dale McKee. This fund benefits persons who are pursuing a post-high school course of study at either a two-year or four-year institution of higher learning and who are members of Central Presbyterian Church (or, if not members, then regularly in attendance at the church) prior to receipt of any award from this fund. Often, the recipients will be graduating high school seniors, but this is not a requirement: so-called “non traditional” students may be eligible for support as they pursue higher education at a time after high school graduation or perhaps after completing a bachelor’s degree. The intention is to provide scholarship assistance to persons who have been faithful in attendance and have been engaged in the fellowship, study, and service offered in the Church’s life.

Applications should be made on the schedule and with the forms prescribed by the Wabash Valley Community Foundation.

Surrell Scholarship

Mary E. Surrell became a member of Central Presbyterian Church in 1866. With a bequest from her, the church has established the Surrell Scholarship Fund for the benefit of graduating high-school seniors and current college students (including non-traditional) who are a part of the CPC family, whether by membership or participation in church life.

Applications for 2020 are online at The application is due May 1 and scholarships will be distributed as soon as we can gather for worship or recipients will be notified by mail no later than May 20.