CPC enews – January 31, 2020

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Church Calendar for January 31 - February 8, 2020
10:00 am Youth set-up for Souper Bowl of Caring lunch 

8:45 am Choir rehearsal (childcare provided)
9:30 am Sunday School for all ages 
10:30 am Worship
11:30 am Souper Bowl of Caring Soup Lunch

Family Prayer Group

5:30 pm Parents' Night Out
Dates for your planning calendar:
New Officer Training - February 9, 16, 23 (9:30 am)
Officer Retreat - February 22
Ash Wednesday - February 26 (7 pm at CPC)
Lenten Series - March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Pyoca Family Spring Retreat - April 24-26, 2020

On Communion Sundays members are asked to make a voluntary donation to the Deacons Fund using the marked pew envelope. This is the only funding that the Deacons receive for their work to assist church members and the community.

The Strategic Planning Task Force requests that all members, young and old, take our  survey by clicking on the link sent via email or on facebook. Most of the survey will ask for agree/disagree rankings to statements about our church and its role in our lives and our community.  The four questions below will be open-ended for you to give your responses in your words. Please think about these questions, so when you take the survey you can let the task force know exactly what your vision for Central Presbyterian is.
1.  Given our specific location and facilities, what particular community needs could CPC best address?
2.  What risks and challenges, internal and external to the church, face CPC?3.  What significant changes occurred in our community in the last decade and what opportunity do they create?  What about the decade to come?
4.  If we had unlimited resources and couldn’t fail, what you like to see CPC attempt?

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FILL YOUR TUMMY! The Annual Souper Bowl of Caring soup lunch will follow worship on February 2. If you are able, please bring a crockpot full of your favorite soup (and the recipe to share) or a dessert to share.
FEED OTHERS: Please bring cans of soup (pull tab opening) to be donated to a local food pantry. Monetary donations will also be accepted. Support your favorite team in the Super Bowl by giving to the designated soup pot.
This yearly tradition has given $971 and 911 food items to charities in Terre Haute since 2016. Let’s top the 1000 mark this year!

Remember that you can donate the worship flowers. A schedule is in fellowship hall for you to select a specific day to honor or remember a loved one or for any special occasion. The cost is $33 per Sunday. Following the service, you can take the flowers to keep or have them given to a shut-in or another person that needs cheer.

1. Room 200 – Kevin Christ and Al Holder lead a study of Psalms.
A second class will not meet in February. Please see Cheryl to share ideas for upcoming classes.
Childcare (age 2 and younger) – room 101
Preschool class – room 108
Kindergarten through 3rd grade – room 103
Tweens (4th – 8th grades) – FH east classroom
High School – room 201

You’re Invited To

African-American leaders of recent decades will be the focus of United Campus Ministries’ Campus & Community Luncheon Series in February.
UCM will host a series of four luncheons at which videos will be shown featuring Shirley Chisholm, Bayard Rustin, Barbara Smith Conrad and Gwen Ifill.
The luncheons will be at noon Mondays at UCM, 321 N. Seventh St.
Those wishing to reserve a lunch can call the center at 812-232-0186 by the preceding Friday. Though encouraged, reservations are not required.
Here is the schedule for the Campus & Community Series:
— Feb. 3: “Chisholm ’72: Unbought & Unbossed,” a documentary about Shirley Chisholm, the U.S. congresswoman from Brooklyn who ran for president in 1972, the first African-American woman to do so.
— Feb. 10: “Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin,” about the civil rights leader who organized the 1963 March on Washington and worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
— Feb. 17: “When I Rise,” the story of Barbara Smith Conrad, who as a student at the University of Texas was cast as the co-star of an opera – and then was expelled from the production after a backlash from state legislators.
— Feb. 24: “An Evening with Gwen Ifill,” featuring a one-on-one interview with the journalist who worked for the Washington Post, New York Times and NBC before eventually becoming host of the PBS series “Washington Week in Review.”
All the videos appeared on PBS, some as episodes of “P.O.V.,” “Independent Lens” and “The History Makers.”
Students, faculty, staff and community members are welcome to come to the luncheon and video viewing and to take part in the discussion.

Our Facilities Commission hard at work maintaining the sanctuary lighting

Happy Birthday to: Susanne Hawk, Bruce McLaren 2/1; Peter Ekstrom 2/3; P.J. Ekstrom, Zoe Payne 2/4; Kevin Christ, Violet Tarrh 2/6; Rowyn Holder 2/7; Ryan Giltner 2/8

Assisting for February 2:
Greeters: Molly & Mike Wadsworth
Children’s Moment: Valeri Kershaw
Ushers: Paul & Linda Shaw, Fred Rubey, Bill & Brenda Green
Hosts: Souper Bowl of Caring lunch (Youth Group)
Session Opening:
Susan Hoffman, Valeri Kershaw
Bus Assistant: Dave Rader
Offering Counting: Bruce, Scott

To see the Sunday and daily lectionary readings go to https://www.presbyterianmission.org/devotion/revised-common-lectionary/

In an effort to keep the prayer needs of our family and friends off of the website, you receive the Koinonia Prayer List by a separate email.  The same distribution list is used for both mailings, so if you unsubscribe to one, you have for both. 

Pastor – Rev. Mike Riggins: mike@thcpc.org
Christian Educator – Cheryl Moles: cheryl@thcpc.org
Church/Financial Secretary – Sarah Kelsheimer: sarah@thcpc.org
Youth Director – Connor Scanlon: connor@thcpc.org
Music Director – Mark Carlisle: mark.carlisle@indstate.edu
Volunteer Coordinator – Kelly Stinnett – kelly@thcpc.org
Kids Hope – Linda Riggins – lindariggins@hotmail.com
Presbytery of Ohio Valley website: http://www.presbyteryov.org

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