CPC e-news for November 14, 2015

In heartbroken prayer with our neighbors in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad
November 13, 2015

God of mercy, whose presence sustains us in every circumstance,
in the midst of unfolding violence and the aftermath of terror and loss,
we seek the grounding power of your love and compassion.
In these days of fearful danger and division, we need to believe somehow that your kindom of peace in which all nations and tribes and languages dwell together in peace is still a possibility.
Give us hope and courage that we may not yield our humanity to fear.., even in these endless days of dwelling in the valley of the shadow of death.

We pray for neighbors in Paris, in Beirut, in Baghdad, who, in the midst of the grace of ordinary life–while at work, or at play, have been violently assaulted, their lives cut off without mercy.

We are hostages of fear, caught in an escalating cycle of violence whose end can not be seen.

We open our hearts in anger, sorrow and hope: that those who have been spared as well as those whose lives are changed forever may find solace, sustenance, and strength in the days of recovery and reflection that come. We give thanks for strangers who comfort the wounded and who welcome stranded strangers,for first responders who run toward the sound of gunfire and into the smoke and fire of bombing sites.

Once again, Holy One, we cry, how long, O Lord? We seek forgiveness for the ways in which we have tolerated enmity and endured cultures of violence with weary resignation. We grieve the continued erosion of the fabric of our common life, the reality of fear that warps the common good. We pray in grief, remembering the lives that have been lost and maimed, in body or spirit.

We ask for sustaining courage for those who are suffering; wisdom and diligence among global and national agencies and individuals assessing threat and directing relief efforts; and for our anger and sorrow to unite in service to the establishment of a reign of peace, where the lion and the lamb may dwell together, and terror will not hold sway over our common life.

In these days of shock and sorrow, open our eyes, our hearts, and our hands to the movements of your Spirit, who flows in us like the river whose streams makes glad the city of God, and the hearts of all who dwell in it, and in You.

In the name of Christ, our healer and our Light, we pray, Amen.
Prayer by the Rev. Dr. Laurie Ann Kraus
Coordinator, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance


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BABY SHOWER TOMORROW– Please join CLCA in welcoming and showering Jack Darke on his baptism day, November 15 following worship. Jack was born on July 4! Gifts and cards, if you desire to give, may be placed on the shower table in fellowship hall.


HANGING OF THE GREENS – December 2 (Wednesday) – Pizza supper at 5:30; Decorating 6:00 – 7:00 pm; Dedication 7:00 – 7:15 pm
Everyone is welcome to join the fun of preparing our church building for the Advent and Christmas seasons. Childcare is provided for children too young to help decorate.

JESUS’ LOVE IS BUBBLIN’ OVER!  Sunday School classes meet each week at 9:30 am. Preschool – room 108;  K-2nd grade elementary – room 202; 3rd – 5th grades elementary – room 103; Middle School Confirmation Class – room 200; High School/Intergenerational Current Event Discussion – room 201; Exploring the Book of Confessions – FH Classroom B; Christian Parenting – FH Classroom C.

The Sunday School offering for milk at 14th and Chestnut continues.  Please give generously!

Audio recordings of sermons now available:
Did you miss a sermon?  Oh no!  But fret not, all is not lost; audio recordings of Lant’s and Scott’s sermons are now available on the church website, www.thcpc.org.    All of the August sermons have been successfully added.  There are also some (but not all) of the sermons from earlier in 2014 and 2015.   To find them, either go to this link: https://www.thcpc.org/sermons/  or, from the church homepage, select “About Us” and then “Sermons” to see the list. (Sometimes you may need to click on “Browse Series” once you are on the “Sermons” page to see the most recent addition.)  Sermon recordings should normally appear on the website the same afternoon they have been delivered.

Dates for your planning calendar:


November 17 – T3EM supper, childcare and meeting night

December 2 – Hanging of the Greens

December 4 – Parents’ Night Out/Princess Party/Boys’ Night

Church Calendar for November 14 – 21, 2015
For full church calendar, go to:  https://www.thcpc.org

8:45 am Choir rehearsal
9:30 am Sunday School for all ages
10:30 am Worship; Baptism
11:30 am Baby Shower for Jack Darke
12:00 pm Lant Davis dining at Westminster Village
5:00 pm 7th Cents Youth Group meet at Centenary

11:00 am Family Prayer Group

10:00 am Seekers and Searcher Women’s Bible Study
5:15 pm T3EM Supper and Childcare
5:30 pm Worship Commission 
5:30 pm Finance Committee
6:00 pm Mission Committee
6:30 pm Christian Nurture Commission
6:30 pm Church Life Church Action Commission
6:30 pm Facilities Commission

11:15 am Church Staff meeting
7:00 pm Communications Commission



KOINONIA PRAYER LIST:  In an effort to keep the prayer needs of our family and friends off of the website, you will be receiving a separate email with the Koinonia Prayer List.  The same distribution list is used for both mailings, so if you unsubscribe to one, you have for both.

Happy Birthday to:
Buddy Berry 11/13; Aspen Kershaw 11/15; Matt Guell 11/16; Jean Wilkinson 11/18; Eliza Payne 11/19; Kathy Mellor 11/20; Xander Green, Josh Powers, Linda Shaw 11/21

Reminders for Sunday, November 15
Liturgist: Joe Harder
Children’s Moment: Cheryl Moles
Greeters: Lowell & Norma Shaw
Ushers: Bill & Joyce Cook, Susan Hoffman, Fred Rubey, Don Lowder
Hosts: Conner family
Session Open & Close: Brad Bough, Bob McLaughlin
Bus Assistant: 

Revised Common Lectionary Readings for Sunday, November 15, 2015, the Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)


Staff eMails:

Presbytery of Ohio Valley website: www.povpc.org
resbyterian Church (U.S.A.) website: www.pcusa.org

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