CPC e-news for May 2, 2014


Influence often isn’t noticed until it blooms later in the garden of someone else’s life.
Our words and actions may land close to home, or they may be carried far and wide.
Pam Farrel


Church Calendar for May 2 – 10, 2014

For full church calendar, go to:  https://www.thcpc.org

5:30 pm Parents’ Night Out

9:00 am Strategic Planning Team with Sarai Rice

9:15 am Choir rehearsal
9:30 am Sunday School
(9:30 am Youth Sunday Worship Service at Centenary)
10:30 am Worship; Holy Communion
11:30 am Fellowship Time
12:00 pm Youth Group Fundraiser Lunch and Talent Show

12:00 pm Family Prayer Group at church                                                                                                                                                         

11:15 am Church Staff Meeting
5:00 pm Holypalooza Planning Team
5:30 pm Deacons

7:00 pm Jonathan Rudy Organ Concert

10:00 am Ladies Breakfast/Bazaar kickoff



On Communion Sundays members are asked to make a voluntary contribution to aid the distressed and afflicted of our community.  Please consider a gift, using the Deacons’ Fund pew envelopes.   The Deacons use the funds to provide bereavement meals, vouchers for utility bills, holiday food baskets and others ways to help the church family and the community.

The Mission Committee accepts donations of non-perishable food on the first Sunday of the month.  It will be given to Salvation Army to help with the hunger problem in our community.

Sunday School classes meet each week at 9:30 am. Preschool – room 108; Younger Elementary (K-2nd) – room 202; Older Elementary (3rd – 5th) room 103; Middle School – room 200; High School – room 201; Adults and Young Adults: Coffee and Conversation – FH classroom A; History of Christianity – FH classroom B; Christian Parenting – FH Classroom C.

The Sunday School offering is money for milk at 14th and Chestnut.  Please give generously.  Sunday School Superintendent, Sandy Mead, is offering a challenge – if we get $35 (all classes) or more a week in offering, there will be a milkshake party each month! Thanks for your generous giving.

Continue to bring the plastic caps and lids.  They will be given to Art Totality for a second bench and to Unity Presbyterian for a bench.

7th Cents Youth Group will sponsor a lunch and talent show beginning at noon on May 4 at Centenary.  This is for ALL that support our youth and want to help fund their supper mission trip to Lexington, KY.  Enjoy a taco bar lunch and the varied talents of both Central and Centenary members.  Anyone may be in the talent show, so please let Tiffany (tiffany@thcpc.org) know what you will be doing.  A freewill offering will be taken.   Youth Sunday will be held at Centenary on May 4 and at Central on May 11.

SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS NEEDED!  Our summer Sunday Sunday School program will run June 1 through August 10 from 9:30 to 10:20 am.  Teachers are needed for the preschool, elementary, and youth (combined MS & HS) levels.  You may teach one or more weeks as you desire.  Don’t worry, lesson plans and materials are provided for all classes. Background checks are required for all teachers if you have not already had one through CPC.  Please contact Sandy Mead or Cheryl Moles to schedule the date(s) that you will teach. Thanks!

Dates for your planning calendar:
May 4 – 7th Cents Fundraiser Lunch & Talent Show
May 9 – Organ Concert
May 10 – Spring Ladies’ Breakfast at 10:00 am
June 22 – 26 VBS at Central  6:00 – 8:30 pm
July 11-13 Adult Mission Trip to Buckhorn, KY

KOINONIA PRAYER LIST:  In an effort to keep the prayer needs of our family and friends off of the website, you will be receiving a separate email with the Koinonia Prayer List.  The same distribution list is used for both mailings, so if you unsubscribe to one, you have for both.

Happy Birthday to:

Mackenzie Racop 5/2; Matthew Kim 5/3; Marsha Harder 5/4; Scott Racop, Jack Turman III 5/5; Julia Blair, Eun Jeong Lee, William Seo, Luanne Tilstra, Victor Tilstra-Smith 5/7; Paul Ekstrom 5/8; Jon Harder, Sarah Helman 5/9; Maddison Judge 5/10

Revised Common Lectionary Readings for Sunday, May 4, 2014,
the Third Sunday of Easter (Year A)

First Reading Acts 2:14a, 36-41
Psalm Psalm 116:1-4, 12-19
Second Reading 1 Peter 1:17-23
Gospel Luke 24:13-35

Reminders for Sunday, May 4

Liturgist: Andrew Conner
Children’s Moment: David Rader
Ushers: Sean & Amanda Mang, Paul Shaw, Murray & Eunice Pate, Fred Rubey
Hosts: Phil & Kay Farmer
Session Open and Close:

Staff eMails:

Presbytery of Ohio Valley website: www.povpc.org


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