CPC e-news for May 19, 2017

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Church Calendar for May 19 – 27, 2017
For full church calendar, go to:  https://www.thcpc.org

4:00 pm 7th Cents Youth Group trip to Indy & overnight

9:15 am Choir Rehearsal

9:30 am Sunday School for all ages
10:30 am Worship; Teacher & Kids Hope Appreciation; Graduate Recognition; Scholarships
7:00 pm Strategic Plan Review Team 


11:00 am Family Prayer Group

10:00 am Seekers & Searchers Women’s Bible Study at Cheryl Moles’ home


Dates for your planning calendar:
VBS – June 19-22 at Trinity Lutheran Church
Summer Intergenerational Sunday School – June 25 & July 31 (no weekly classes)


NURSERY PARENTS: There is a new sign-in/sign-out form in the nursery. Please use it each week when dropping off and picking up your child(ren). This give us an accurate record of attendance and would be the method of accountability in an emergency situation. We are also asking that a PARENT or approved adult pick up the children as soon as possible following worship. Siblings taking younger children out of the nursery makes an uncomfortable situation for the attendants because they need to know that the child is with a guardian adult. We are fortunate to be a small enough church that we don’t have to have a matching ID for parents and children, but we do take the safety of our children very seriously. If you haven’t read the Nursery Guidelines booklet for awhile, this is good time for a refresher. Copies are available in the nursery.

Welcome to our newest nursery attendant, Sydney Edwards! Please introduce yourself and make her feel at home at CPC.
Summer time means that some of our workers are gone until August. Volunteers (age 16 and older) may be needed on Sunday mornings. Please talk to Cheryl if you are willing to help a time or two.

The Racop family invites church members and friends to a celebration of Grant’s high school graduation on Saturday, May 27 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at their home.

Are you wondering what is happening during the transition time at CPC? If you haven’t seen it, read the article in the May Herald https://www.thcpc.org/may-2017-herald/   Here is a condensed version [edited by C. Moles]:
Changes: Comments on transitions at CPC

by Luanne Tilstra
     [On Easter, Lance Weatherwax gave an explanation of the construction work and why it is necessary.]  I particularly appreciated the connection he made between renovation and resurrection. Lance helped us realize that most of the time and expense of this renovation will be invisible. We
won’t see the steel plates that will keep our roof from falling down. We’ll see the cables that will prevent the walls from sliding outward and we’ll see the stars and crosses that will dissipate the force of the cables over a larger surface area of the external wall. However, we won’t see the
hours of calculation nor the meticulous efforts required to assure that the cables are placed in the optimal position and are of the appropriate strength to withstand another 150 years of continuous stress. We will see the new paint, new floor treatment, and the repaired pews, but we know that if we had only painted and re-carpeted, if we had ignored the major structural problems, then our efforts and resources would have been ill-spent. We don’t like waiting (or paying) for the structural work, but we know it is necessary.
     A similar process is underway with respect to our installed pastor search (IPS). Our presbytery requires that we engage in a mission study that involves Bible study, prayer, and an honest and thoughtful look at the congregation and community in order to discern the direction in which God is leading us. This honest and thoughtful look at our congregation and our community is the foundational, structural work that will assure that we are doing what God is calling us to do. Skipping this step is like painting the sanctuary without providing structural support to the walls or steel plates to keep the roof from falling in on us.Our Session has appointed a Mission Study Task Force to meet this need. The existing strategic plan will be used to complete the bulk of the report submitted to the Presbytery, but there were some additional essential components for which data must be gathered. Kevin Buchanan has provided leadership, defining the Presbytery’s expectations and guiding us with a variety of resources to focus our efforts. Alan Harder has been systematically reading the minutes of session meetings from 1940 through 2016. Awareness of our history is a key component in defining what we as a congregation value. Allen Holder has been studying and summarizing census data to determine the demographics of the community with respect to both where people live and where (whether) they worship. The trend for the past ten years is immensely valuable as we consider the mission to which God may be calling us. I have taken on the task of assessing how we
as individuals in this congregation see ourselves. (Thanks for your help in the sticky-note campaign.) This data will be used to update and confirm much of what is in the existing strategic plan. Steve Mead has challenged us with probing questions and Nancy Johnson has given valuable input about how the church’s practices have evolved. The data collection phase is complete. We [are now] preparing the written report. The original goal was to have the report written by the end of May, and we are very close to being on target.The next step of the process is to elect a Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC). As a congregation,we will use the Mission Study to help us write the Ministry Information Form (MIF). The Presbytery will use the Mission Study to help the congregation identify potential candidates. A well-done Mission Study assures that the remainder of the search process is based on a firm foundation, thereby facilitating our ability to discern God’s plan for this congregation.
We thank you for your continued prayers and praise God for your patience

Holypalooza will be held at Central on September 17. This is a joint worship and celebration of ministries for Central Presbyterian, Centenary United Methodist, and St. Stephen’s Episcopal churches along with United Campus Ministries. The UCM annual fundraiser BBQ will be held the same day. Watch for Servicepalooza information as the ministries do mission together in the community.

“The Jesus Way” VBS will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church on June 19-22 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Registration forms will be available at church or on the thcpc website.  Please let Cheryl know how you can help!
The last day of Sunday School will be May 28. There will NOT be weekly classes during the summer, however, there WILL be intergenerational classes on June 25 and July 31 at 9:30 am. Please plan to add these educational opportunities to your summer calendar. Watch for news on the Sunday School kick-off in the late summer. Childcare during worship continues all summer.
It is time to register for summer church camp! Go to www.pyoca.org for information and to register.
Liturgist: Phillip Smith
Children’s Moment:
Jim Moles
Fred Simmons, Jim Moles, Donna Wilson, Connor & Kendra Scanlon
 Dave & Diane Giltner
Session Open & Close:
 Nancy Edgerton, Valeri Kershaw
Bus Assistant: 
Leanne Holder

In an effort to keep the prayer needs of our family and friends off of the website, you will be receiving a separate email with the Koinonia Prayer List.  The same distribution list is used for both mailings, so if you unsubscribe to one, you have for both.

Happy Birthday to:
Matt Glenn, Jennifer Skelton 5/19; Sally Moulton 5/20

Revised Common Lectionary Readings for Sunday, May 21, 2017, the Sixth Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Staff eMails:

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  • Christian Educator – Cheryl Moles: cheryl@thcpc.org
  • Church/Financial Secretary – Sarah Kelsheimer: sarah@thcpc.org
  • Youth Director – Connor Scanlon: connor@thcpc.org
  • Music Director – Mark Carlisle: mark.carlisle@indstate.edu
  • Facility information/concerns – facilities@thcpc.org
  • Kids Hope – Suzanne Downs: suzanne@thcpc.org

Presbytery of Ohio Valley website: www.povpc.org

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