CPC e-news for January 21, 2017

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The annual meeting of the congregation will be held in the church sanctuary immediately following worship on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

All Sunday School classes meet at 9:30 am. Children’s Worship is held for 4 year olds through 1st graders. The children depart the sanctuary following the children’s moment and meet in room 202.
Per Capita literally means “by the head.” This expense is determined by Presbytery Council and paid by the church in January. Please assist the church budget by paying your per capita early in the year. Per capita for 2017 is $31.50 per active member. Per capita supports constitutionally mandated structures and committee expenses of: $20.19 – Presbytery; $ 3.81 – Synod; $ 7.50 – General Assembly. Per Capita monies made it possible for Anna Tilstra-Smith to attend GA last year as well as getting the necessary work of each governing level accomplished.
CLCA will sponsor a 5th Sunday lunch on January 29th following worship. It will be a birthday celebration for all, with a birthday table for each month of the year featuring a birthday cake. Bring a side dish to share to go with Italian Beef sandwiches – NO desserts! You will sit at the table of your birthday month for lunch and fellowship.
Homeless Census Need. For the Homeless Census this coming Wed., Jan. 25, food and warm clothing will be distributed. We also have a need for $5 McDonalds, Wendy’s, or Denny’s gift cards. This small thing enables a homeless person to legitimately come in and get warm and purchase a meal or coffee. You can give to Josh after church. You can also give cash if you wished to Josh and he will purchase the gift cards (and he will give you a receipt for your donation).
Join the youth group in providing help for the hungry of our community by participating in Souper Bowl of Caring.
1. A soup lunch will be held following worship. If you desire, please bring a crock pot of your favorite soup to share.
2. Financial donations will be received to assist a local food pantry
3. Canned soups will be collected for the Unity Presbyterian food pantry
Dust off your dancing shoes! 
Image result for ballroom dancingBallroom dancing is coming to CPC!! 

Sat. Feb. 4th    6:00 P.M. to ? (Scott Paul-Bonham says he gets tired by 9:00 P.M.!)
An instructor from the Terre Haute Y will be on hand to lead us.
Child care will be provided.
Bring a light snack to share, and come join the fun and get moving!  It will be more fun with you!
A sign-up sheet is available in the fellowship hall.
Logan Williams will perform his Senior Voice Recital on Thursday, Feb. 2 at 7:30 pm in the Recital Hall of the ISU Landini Center for Performing Arts Building.
Church Calendar for January 21 – February 4 2017
For full church calendar, go to:  https://www.thcpc.org

8:45 am Choir rehearsal
9:30 am Sunday School for all ages (children’s music at 9:30)
10:30 am Worship
11:30 am Annual Meeting of the Congregation

1/23-28 Cheryl Moles at APCE in Denver (Association of Presbyterian Christian Educators)

11:00 am Family Prayer Group

10:00 am Seekers & Searchers Women’s Bible Study

12:30 pm Personnel Committee meets

8:45 am Choir rehearsal
9:30 am Sunday School for all ages (children’s music at 9:30)
10:30 am Worship
11:30 am 5th Sunday lunch
5:00 pm 7th Cents Youth Group at CUMC

5:00 pm Deacons meet

6:00 pm Ballroom Dancing

Dates for your planning calendar:
Lenten Educational Series – Each Sunday, March 5 – April 9
Easter – April 16
Spring Family Retreat at Pyoca – April 21-23

Liturgist: Chuck Shutt
Children’s Moment:
 Jean Shutt
 Jim & Judy Lowe
Max & Carolyn Payne, Lance & Brenda Weatherwax, John & Eileen Whalen
 Jim & Judy Lowe
Session Open & Close:
Alan Harder; Linda Shaw
Bus Assistant: 

In an effort to keep the prayer needs of our family and friends off of the website, you will be receiving a separate email with the Koinonia Prayer List.  The same distribution list is used for both mailings, so if you unsubscribe to one, you have for both.

Happy Birthday to:
Cetta DePaolo 1/21; Kay Farmer, Dale McKee 1/22; Charlie Foree, Jim Slutz, Brenda Weatherwax 1/23; Amanda Green, Rebecca Stennett 1/24; Warren Clem 1/26; Alice Harder 1/28; Carol Modesitt, Evan Tramel 1/30; Suzi Hawk, Bruce McLaren 2/1; Peter Ekstrom, Shirley Underwood 2/3; PJ Ekstrom, Zoe Payne 2/4

Revised Common Lectionary Readings for Sunday, January 22, 2017, the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A)

  • Transitional Pastor – Rev. Kevin Buchanan: kevin@thcpc.org
  • Christian Educator – Cheryl Moles: cheryl@thcpc.org
  • Church/Financial Secretary – Sarah Kelsheimer: sarah@thcpc.org
  • Youth Director – Connor Scanlon: connor@thcpc.org
  • Music Director – Mark Carlisle: mark.carlisle@indstate.edu
  • Facility information/concerns – facilities@thcpc.org
  • Kids Hope – Suzanne Downs: suzanne@thcpc.org

Presbytery of Ohio Valley website: www.povpc.org

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