CPC Advent Devotional 2014

Coordinating and participating in Central’s Advent Devotional is a great joy for me. Indeed, the theme of this booklet is “Joy” and “Hope”. All the scripture passages speak about joy or hope or both. The greatest encouragement to me is the diversity of the writers. We, indeed, have come from East and West, and from North and South, and arrived at Central Presbyterian at the “Crossroads of Indiana”. The writers are young and middle-aged and old. They are women and men, married and single, conservative and liberal. The unity in this diversity is the grace of God. God’s grace is evident when each of these busy people agreed to reflect upon a scripture passage and write a devotion for his or her congregation. Grace abounds in these devotions. With humor and pathos, with wisdom and wit, these devotions are offered to the members of Central Presbyterian and to whomever else might read them, as bread for the journey of Advent until each of us, and all of us, find our home in Emmanuel.

With Gratitude,
Scott Paul-Bonham
Parish Associate

P.S. If a particular devotion touches your mind or heart in a meaningful way, please let the writer know.

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