Church Staff

Central Presbyterian Church has a wonderful staff of full-time personnel and volunteers that keep the church running and who serve the many needs of its members. Please keep them in your prayers as they go about conducting the Lord’s business.

Rev. Mike Riggins, Senior Pastor
Rev. Scott Paul-Bonham, Parish Associate

Church Staff
Cheryl Moles, Christian Educator
Sarah Kelsheimer , Church Secretary
Dr. Mark Carlisle, Choir Director
Steve McCullough,  Organists
Alvin D. Stinnett, Caretaker
Kelly Stinnett, Mission Volunteer Coordinator
Nursery Attendants: Sarah Rose, Hannah Marlow, Rachel Bayless, Mia Craven, and Danni Owens

Volunteer Staff
Connie McLaren, Clerk of Session
Beth Christ, Treasurer
Bob Guell, President of church corporation
Luanne Tilstra, Vice President of church corporation