Brick Work at Central

Don’t be surprised if you pass the church and see scaffolding and power lifts.  At the recommendation of the Facilities Commission, the session has authorized some exterior maintenance of our building.  Apex Masonry, Inc. is at Central Presbyterian to clean the bricks and apply a water repellent to preserve the building. Using Sure Klean Light Duty Restoration Cleaner, Apex Masonry is removing atmospheric soiling, calcium stains and subsurface staining. This restoration cleaner also minimizes the potential for damage to masonry. After using the cleaner, Apex will use Sure Klean Weather Seal Siloxane WB Concentrate, which is a solvent free blend of silanes that mixes with water to produce a water repellent. This water repellent chemically bonds with the masonry substrate allowing long-lasting (10-year)  protection against staining or deterioration. Along with cleaning and applying the water repellent, Apex Masonry will also replace damaged bricks, grind out cracked mortar joints and caulk all joints in limestone sills and bands. Apex Masonry is expected finish next week.

photo 2

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