Bike and Build

On June 15th, 33 Bike and Build cyclists will be stopping at Central Presbyterian to eat and spend the night. Central Presbyterian will provide food, drinks and afternoon snacks for the cyclists as they endeavor on their cross country ride. Since there will be many hungry and thirsty cyclists, Central Presbyterian wants to ensure we have enough food and drinks for the cyclists. It would be greatly appreciated if members would donate 12 dollars per rider to help provide the cyclists with food and drinks. Church Life Church Action (CLCA) will be cooking dinner for the cyclists on June 15th and would like to invite the donors to meet the cyclists after dinner.

Bike and Build is an organization created by Marc Bush in 2002. Bike and Build gathers young adults who have an interest in biking and affordable housing for all to endure a cross country bike ride, along with helping build houses in the states they cross. Over the past decade, Bike and Build has donated more than 4.5 million dollars to the affordable housing crisis. Central Presbyterian has hosted Bike and Build cyclists for the past decade.

For more information on Bike and Build, click here.

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