All Church Skating Party


Sunday, August 17    4:00 – 6:00 pm at the Wigwam Skating Rink
Everyone is welcome whether you skate or not.  There will be plenty of caretakers for very young children if parents want to skate.  
Skate rental is $3.  You may bring your own indoor skates.  A rink tech will check them upon arrival.  
Pizza and one drink provided; other snacks available at your own expense.
Friends are welcome!!  
PLEASE RSVP (attending or not attending) BY AUG 11 so that Cheryl Moles can order pizza and the rink has enough staff.  
Worried about the Wigwam? CN members visited the rink to check it out. The new owner has it in good condition and improvements continue.  They are giving us a free party as their way of getting groups in the facility.  Cheryl Moles has chosen the Christian music play list, so music will be “family friendly.”  Traditional skating rink games will be played also.  Rink guards will be keeping everyone, especially beginning skaters, safe.  This facility does not have the “walkers” for young skaters, but they are kept on the outside along the rail.  A more experienced skater should accompany them.  
See you there!!!   

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