2017 Sanctuary Remodel Update

May 5, 2017:  The work this week on the wall/truss supports has really progressed. With all the rain the workers were happy to be inside and out of the weather. Most of the tie rods will be installed by this Sunday with the rest probably going in over the next couple weeks. Take time to go upstairs and look during your next visit.


Figure 1 Worker installing the truss tie rods

Figure 2 Workers connection and tightening the tie rods

Figure 3 Attic area above the north sanctuary storage room where the rods connect

Figure 4 Plates used to connect the rods in the attic areas

This week the committee choosing the carpet, pew and wall colors came to an agreement regarding carpet and pew color and style. This was very important so we could start the pew refurbishing.  The plan is to keep the traditional look but also give the sanctuary a face lift with new wall paint colors. The north and south walls have had the wainscot removed and these walls will be plastered over the exposed bricks. The steel framing on the north and south walls will be exposed but painted to match the wall colors. The next major change will be the installation of the stained-glass windows. No date on the windows yet but the work is coming along fine.

There is no set date on the project completion as of now. However, there have been few surprises which is always a good thing when working on a building over 150 years old.